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Marketing Reality During COVID19

What's the point of marketing now?

The world has changed. People are staying at home. Most businesses are closed, and very few people are looking for goods and services that are anything more than absolutely essential.

It sounds grim, doesn't it? 

So many business owners and managers naturally cut back on marketing expenses, which is reasonable and necessary. Why keep a candle burning when you don't have a ton of wax and there's no one there to enjoy the light, right? 

But the fact is that your customers are out there, and regardless of budget, marketing is simply that which connects you and your customers. Even if you don't have the funds to market aggressively -- or even as usual -- it's worth investing some time, effort, and even a little bit of money to reach them. 

There's a simple, twofold reason: 

  1. This is temporary.
  2. People appreciate knowing you care, and will remember.

During the time of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order in Michigan, International Minute Press of Plymouth has adjusted its business model to help you stay connected with your customers at minimal costs, and even for free.

If your business is still operating, let us know and we'll get it into one of our care packages, which have been distributed to thousands of families in Plymouth and Canton. If you'd like a simple window sign or yard sign that states that you're open, we're selling those at below our normal cost. And if your customers rely on hearing from you and you need to send them something in the mail, we're proudly partnering with the U.S. Postal Service to keep important communications open. 

If you need low- and no-cost communications solutions for your company or nonprofit, please give us a call at (734) 414-6203, or e-mail

Stay healthy and communicate well!